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Taormina's Coast

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Itinerario Taormina Boat
Ancora isola


Isola Bella beach is the most famous and photographed beach not only in Taormina, but in all Sicily.

 The bay enclosed between Capo Taormina and Capo Sant'Andrea is, like a precious pearl, is not by chance called "The Pearl of the Mediterranean"

Covered with Mediterranean plant and exotic essences, the enchanting island is a luxuriant botanical garden, thanks to Lady Travelyan, an English noblewoman with a hobby of gardening who owned it for a short time.

Sheltered by the two promontories, the beach is made of gravel and pebbles. You can choose whether to settle comfortably in one of the beaches equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds or in the stretch of free beach.

 The best and most peaceful spot is the small beach at the base of Isola Bella, reachable by wading an isthmus of land lapped by the water, but you have to arrive early to find a place.

Of course, there is no shortage of bars, restaurants and everything you need to spend a relaxing day on the beach, including skippers who take you around the bay with a stop at the Blue Grotto of Capo Sant'Andrea, where for a game of light shades the waters they take on amazing iridescent colors. For the rest, however, they are clear and incredibly transparent, shallow and scattered with rocks, therefore ideal for swimming and snorkeling among seaweed and reef fish.


The most beautiful cave in the protected marine area of ​​Taormina, not far from the Isola Bella beach. Many corals, many varieties of starfish in the walls complete the bright colors of the Blue Grotto, characterized by the wonderful plays of light recreated by the sun's rays passing through an underwater cave.

ancrablu grott
Ancora MAZZARò


In just 10 minutes from Taormina, you can visit the Mazzarò beach, located in an enchanting inlet where nature dominates the landscape and the sea shines with blue and emerald reflections.

It has always been the favorite of Taormina’s local , ever since Mazzarò was a tiny fishing village.

Practically when the cable car arrives, Taormina's beaches are considered the most elegant, overlooked by some of the most luxurious hotels in the area.

But even if you are not staying in one of these resorts, do not miss the opportunity to take a dip in the blue and clear water of this wonderful bay framed by the green and wild promontories of Capo Sant'Andrea and Capo Mazzarò, where there are caves and marine ravines that you can explore with a mask and fins. As in the nearby Isola Bella, here too the beach is made of gravel and pebbles and you will find both bathing establishments and free areas.

a baietta


The Bay of Mermaid is one of the best seaside resorts in Taormina. Not very visible from the outside because it is sheltered by a small promontory, it is not very crowded. The bay is very similar to a natural harbor where the local fishermen. Inside it is characterized by a very low and therefore very visible seabed, it recreates the perfect habitat for many marine species, in particular the posidonia a marine plant rich in properties important for the ecosystem of our sea. The stone islets that emerge from the emerald waters are very suggestive, an ideal place for snorkeling enthusiasts.


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